Catching up with AIMES Alumni Alexander Beattie

Alexander was the recipient of a AIMES Junior Excellence Award in 2018, proudly sponsored by Precise Homes

Last year, Alex sat his Grade 7 Drum Kit test and achieved 93%, a distinction. For getting such a high mark, he was awarded an international award called the Trinity College Exhibition Award. These awards are granted annually to Music and Drama candidates who achieve outstanding results at Grades 5 to 8 and Advanced Certificate (Advanced Certificate is Music only). There are only a certain number of awards given out to each country each year, so Alex was thrilled to be a recipient.

Alex was due to sit his Grade 8 during lockdown, but that has since been postponed until August, so he will continue practising.

Alex continues to be involved in many music groups at school and performs regularly. His choir (Voxette) won 'Most Captivating Performance' at the Auckland Big Sing Gala Concert Awards last year. Alex is a regular soloist in this choir. 

Alex writes and self-records sophisticated instrumental music, with a jazz and 'math rock' influence. He is also teaching drums and guitar part time.

His goal to attend a Berklee College summer workshop has been put on hold for now due to the pandemic, however he still has high hopes for the future!