Catching up with AIMES Alumni Liam Richards

Liam is a freestyle skier and sailor, and the recipient of a 2019 AIMES Junior Excellence Award sponsored by Precise Homes

Liam returned from the Northern Hemisphere, back home to New Zealand in mid February, and unfortunately was unable to return to the States in April to defend his USA Nationals title.  

Instead he has been training hard over the last few weeks despite lockdown. The arrival of Level 3 was particularly exciting as he was finally able to take delivery of his new trampoline!  This has only been possible thanks to the award he received from North Harbour Club and is a great asset to his training.  

Almost every one of his big tricks on snow is first mastered on the trampoline, including his exact movement in the air and spotting the ‘landing’.  The trampoline is also used to practice and ensure muscle memory of the tricks that he has already taken to snow.  

Having this at home will enable him to continue his training in Auckland, before he heads down to Wanaka in July. He has absolutely loved bouncing on it and, since level 2, sharing it with his local friends.